Refund Policy

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Therefore, it is our policy to remedy any problem you may have faced with your order to the best of our abilities. Any hiccups on our end are quickly fixed, with no exceptions.

We have a guranatee to deliver all work. We have moderators who double-check every order before it’s delivered to you to make sure everything is just as you wanted it. However, if anything slips through the cracks, then please let us know immediately, and we will gladly fix it free of charge. We have a strong willingness to remedy any problem you may have faced, and we want to make sure you are well taken care of at all levels.

We also understand that sometimes things may come up on your end, and a refund may be requested for reasons outside our fault. We do not have any problem with providing a refund as long as it fits into our policy as written below.

By creating an account with VyprSEO (the sister company of VyprMedia), and/or by using our services, you are agreeing to and are bound by our Terms of Service and our Refund Policy as follows:

a.) When are refunds/credits allowed:

  • Any order that we have not yet started (after submitting the intake form).
  • Any unused orders (intake form not submitted).
  • Refund must be requested within 30 days from the purchase date (regardless whether the intake form was submitted or not).
  • Any refund request after 30-days from the purchase date can be provided as credit on your VyprSEO account. You can use this credit just like cash on any future order.
  • Account credit must be requested within 90 days from the purchase date.

b.) When are refunds not allowed:

  • Due to the nature of our services, we have to take into account the labor costs of our team. Therefore, once our team gets started on your order, refunds will no longer be an option.
  • Once 30 days from the purchase date has passed for unused orders, the refund window expires. In this case, only account credit can be given.

c.) Special exceptions to the 30-day refund grace period

  • Services containing domain purchases are final and cannot be refunded nor provided as credit.
  • Promotional services, discounted orders, holiday/Black Friday promos, pre-launch early access services, and limited edition services/products are all final and cannot be refunded, credited or exchanged. In that regards, all sales are final.
  • Any order from a prior year cannot be refunded. For example, if you made a purchase on December 31, then the refund window will automatically become closed on Jan 1st. This is due to our bookkeeping as any revenue from the prior year will be immediately sent off to our tax professional and all revenue collected will be taxed. To avoid complications in our taxes, we can only provide refunds in the form of credit on your VyprSEO account once we reach the new year.

d.) Other special exceptions:

  • Existing account credit cannot be used for any services involving domain(s).

e.) The following is only relevant to SocialVypr links and citations:

In some cases, an order gets started, and several links were already built, and meanwhile, you suddenly decided you don’t want to complete the order due to some circumstances on your end (ex. your client no longer wishes to continue, etc.). In this case, you have a few options:

  1. You can submit different info for us to continue with the remaining links assuming you notifiied us to pause the order before we completed it.
  2. You will also have the option to use the “change request” option to update any links we already built to match the new info you submitted.
  3. Or, we can provide credit on your VyprSEO account for the unused portion of the links (no refund to the original payment method is allowed in this case since the order has already started).

f.) Chargebacks

We take chargebacks very seriously. Chargebacks greatly effect our Stripe and PayPal business accounts and adds a negative rating inside our merchant accounts. Any attempt to chargeback any order that you have willingly purchased and received from us is fraud. All disputes must be worked out in accordance to our policy in a respectful manner. With that said, any chargeback fraud will cause your account to be permanently shut down, you will be permanently banned from ever buying future services from us, and you will be removed from our FB groups, mailing lists, and any part of our business. All past IP addresses you used to access our services in the past will also be blacklisted.

How to remedy a chargeback

At our own discretion, we may notify you of the chargeback to give you an opportunity to remedy the problem, as we understand sometimes this may have happened by mistake. To remedy any chargeback, normally it takes a simple call to your bank or credit card company and let them know that it was a mistake and request for it to be canceled. Any chargeback fee’s that was charged to our account due to the chargeback will be passed on to you. Chargeback fee’s are normally $35 per transaction. Any refusal to remedy a chargeback will be followed up with a permanent ban as described above.

Using a credit card or any form of payment that is not yours

It is strictly against our policy to use a credit card or any form of payment that does not belong to the account holders name or business even if you got permission. That includes but not limited to using credit cards that belong to your client, friend, family, etc. Client’s and other people do not usually recognize the VYPRMEDIA name on their bank statement so they tend to create chargebacks. We ask that you please be considerate and not to use payment methods that do not belong to you. Doing so will cause your account to be permanently deleted and a permanent ban will be imposed on any future services/products.


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