This only happens once every 5 years.

Once the timer clocks out, it’s gone forver.


One Mega Deal

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How it works

We asked our FB group for suggestions for things they would want to see on our 5-year anniversary sale. We received many great suggestions so we decided to include the best picks and even giving away JAW-DROPPING FREEBIES.

Day 1


The most requested deal was a lifetime discount, but we did even better than that. The FREE BONUSES alone are worth more than most paid courses.

20% OFF sitewide, no order minimum.

Activate 15%-off lifetime discount for SocialVypr Set-1 with any combination of social link purchases totaling 600 links.

Activate 20% off lifetime discount for SocialVypr Set-1 with any combination of social link purchases totaling 1200 links.

FREE BONUSES below with any purchase, no order minimum required. The b


Video training on how to use social links in the most effective way possible and see results. In fact, this is training on how we personally use SocialVypr links at our agency.


How to organize your SEO to stop being overwhelmed and stay clutter-free!


How to stand stand out! The proper way of explaining what you do to clients without sounding like everyone else.


Pending: currently trying to bring on some trusted big names to do a webinar on some of the most important topics in SEO/business (this part is not guaranteed, still in talks).

FREE (requires activation of ANY lifetime code):

How to accurately package your offer and doing it so it actually converts. Plus, a better way to price clients, and doing it with confidence without breaking a sweat!

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Ultimate transparency mini-course: How to never hide the work from clients again in fear of rejection and still make them happy (hint: many gurus teach unpractical methods and myths, this will shed light on something that most SEO’s do wrong).

FREE (requires activation of 20% lifetime code):

PBN the safe way: How and when to use PBN links via the safest, and most effective way possible. With this method, you greatly speed up ranking as one PBN can easily have the power of 7-10 guest posts.

REQUIRMENT: Use code 5YEARS on any purchase for 20% off. You can also use the 20% off to activate the lifetime discount if the number of links you purchased meets the requirment. The free bonus training will be provided as soon as it’s ready within the coming days as it’s all freshly updated content that won’t be released all at once. Lifetime code will be sent to everyone who met the minimum requirment.